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Love and Gratitude

"As its name precisely describes, the goddess' oils!
I live overseas and travel often to NY. Since Ravit, my friend, introduced me to her facial products, my main concern was, how to ensure another visits to NY so I won't run out of it.
I have a very sensitive skin, with acne rosacea around my nose area. I found the clay extremely useful to clean and dry the acne, and the cleansing (OCM) oil extremely healing and purifying!
All the other products with its unique blend of oils, hand crafted by Ravit, left my skin radiant!!! Friends have literally stopped me in the middle of a conversation to ask what have I been using cause my skin radiates!!!
I had the privilege to try a great verity of OILAH products, and go through the evolving process of OILAH growth, each time I was amazed by the "fine tuning" to reach perfection!  All the products I tested with no exception, were remarkable in their texture, smell, healing and nourishing to the skin and soul.
I have no doubts that beyond the fine oils Ravit uses, thorough research and immense knowledge brought into it, what truly makes OILAH products so healing to the skin, is the heart and soul she puts in it! If you knew Ravit's generous loving heart, you would know it can not only heal your skin and soul, but the entire universe".

Zivi Kalay 10/15/15  


"I have truly loved watching the evolution and growth of Oilah. I've been fortunate enough to try many of the products and all I can say is "where have you been all this time?" The ingredients in these delicious products are nourishing, nurturing and cleansing, which is why I love feeding my body with them. It makes me feel confident, knowing that I not only support a local brand, but feel beautiful while doing so. Thank you Ravit for putting these babies out into the world. I can truly sense your heart and soul when I use them. I'm especially addicted to the bath scrubs and the refreshing face spray. Oilah is a brand I use with love".
Bee Boznak 3.23.16


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